Some Things to Think About...

Some things to think about on Low Sunday and every other day: The Meeting with Christ on the Road to Emmaus
(Luke 24:12-35)

Easter Sermon

Good morning to all of you and Happy Easter. I wish particularly to welcome those of you who are not regular attendees at St. Gabriel's, and, even more especially, those of you who are not regular attendees at any church but who join us on one or both of the Two Great Christian Festivals - Christmas and Easter.

Idolatry and Gnostic Catholics

Many Gnostic Catholics not only venerate the saints of mainstream Catholicism, but also worship Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Nordic, and other deities. As a consequence they are often accused of idolatry by not only Catholics but other Christians, and sometimes by Jews and Muslims. Scriptural passages, particularly from The Old Testament are sometimes thrown at them in a very aggressive and even overtly hostile way.

Reflections on the Ascension of Our Lord

Upon first consideration there seems to be something incongruous in celebrating the Ascension of Our Lord, for we are celebrating His departure from us, His leaving the earthly plane on which we live and which is the dominant focus of our experience. “Where I go, you cannot come,” said Jesus (John: 8:21), and now, St. Paul seems to suggest, we are something like blind men, forced to “walk by faith and not by sight”(2 Corinthians:5—7).